Our team at Mission love catering. We pride ourselves on using the finest meats, vegies and condiments to make sure that only the best is served to your crew & clientele. Our butcher sources the best double smoked ham from sunshine smoke house in Queensland, the best award winning Sopresa salami from Joes deli in Adelaide and the finest chicken breast from Lilydale organic farms.

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Corporate Sandwiches

Our fillings change seasonally or what’s best at the markets.

Standard Sample fillings 1 sandwich $7pp 1.5pp $10

Prime sliced chicken breast w/ avocado, smoked ham, mustard mayo swiss cheese, tender roast beef w/ caramelised onion & tomato, roast pumpkin fetta, and much much more


Gourmet fillings 1 sandwich $8 1.5pp $11

Tandoori chicken w/ tzatziki & cucumber salad, smoked salmon & chive cream, olive tapenade roast capsicum & fresh fennel…. And much more

Wraps / Rolls & organic breads from $8pp

Healthy wraps and gourmet Italian Schiacciata focaccia or brasserie bread linseed stone baked sliced bread.


Fruit / cheese platter

platters of fruit


  • It is better to order your online orders well in advance to ensure availability.
  • Our team will confirm your online orders by email, if for any reason you do not receive any feedback within 2 hours, your order is not confirmed, we kindly request that you call 0439 436 663 for confirmation.
  • Online payment is currently not available; we would appreciate payment upon delivery or pick up.